All You Need Is A Pair Of Queens

Tuesday 2/11/14 time 10:39 PM - PokerHelena

Although I have been playing actively for the past six months I first tried poker one year before that. I still remember my first live game as clearly as it was yesterday.

I had played few games online just to understand how it works. You know, to get the basic rules. I have never liked to read rules from a book, but through practice (yeap, sometimes there are heavy consequences involved, but luckily not this time).

At the same time I noticed that one of our neighborhood bars was organizing poker tournaments every Wednesday. It had free entrance and you could win drink coupons. Perfect! I knew that this was a good place to start. However, it took me weeks before I actually went there.

Eventually I went there and I was nervous as hell. There was a bunch of very serious looking guys waiting for the game to start. After I managed to sign myself up and took a seat I was completely frozen. Slowly I was losing my chips.

Then something magical happened - pair of queens! Even better, third queen appeared on the board. My heart has never raced faster than that. I had no idea that pair of cards can make be physically feel so unstable. Obviously I was too frozen to make a raise, but luckily slow game worked this time. My opponent raised like crazy and I just paid. I was hoping that nobody would see my terribly shaking hands, but I don't think I could really hide it.

That hand was the first one that I won. And last one in that game (oh well, long way to go). Nevertheless, it felt great! And I knew I would go back.

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