The Game That I Almost Won

Sunday 2/16/14 time 12:08 AM - PokerHelena

I started playing poker in a local bar in Espoo, Finland. Apparently it was part of the Finnish bar poker tournament series, kept in bars all over Finland. Winners from all the bars gather together to the finals once in a year and the winner would get a trip to poker players dream destination Las Vegas.

As a beginner I didn't think I could actually win the game in my own bar (yeah, I have also heard stories of the lucky beginners who win them all, but apparently I'm not one of them). But I sure did want to give my very best. So unlike probably any other player there I actually prepared for the game.

I think I actually played pretty well. It might be that it was actually the best I have played since I started with poker. Quite soon after we had started with the final table I took the chip lead and held it until the heads-up.

That's when it started getting difficult. They wanted to close the bar, so dealer decided to increase blinds more aggressively. That's when I started feeling helpless. When blinds take a huge part of your stack and you're in heads-up there's not much you can do. We were close to the end of the game few times because one of us lost most of the stack to the other one. But then you needed to win only one hand to make it back to equal situation.

And then I got the magical 9 pair. According to my humble rookie poker knowledge 9 pair is a pretty good hand to have in a heads-up. I went all in, he called with K3 and (snap!) the King hit the board.


Oh well, you can't always win, can you? But oh boy did it hurt. At the same time I realized more than ever before that poker is a game where you have to get used to experiences like this. You can prepare and play your best, but sometimes it's just not enough.

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