Pair Of Aces Are So Overrated

Wednesday 2/26/14 time 10:27 PM - PokerHelena

I think I have lost with pair of aces more than I have won with pair of aces. That's why I don't understand why players are so hyped about pair of aces.

Let's face it, pair of aces is exactly what it sounds - a pair that happens to be aces. Unless you will get a flop to support your aces it's quite useless.

If anyone has two pairs (which happened to my opponent few weeks ago) you lose. If anyone has trips (which happened to my opponent today) you lose. Even worse - straight, flush and full house are all above a simple ace pair. The only options that are worse than pair of aces are another pairs and well... having nothing. That doesn't sound too encouraging.

Revelations of a rookie player continue...

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2/27/14 1:22 PM  Mike

Yep! Pair of aces sounds better than they actually are! You feel you are unbeaten with aces but are not. However, I think I would play with aces pretty aggressively :)

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