Getting Coached By Harrington

Sunday 3/2/14 time 5:01 PM - PokerHelena

As I previously mentioned I didn't understand how much one can actually learn about poker by reading books. The game seems quite straight forward, so I guess you can't just realize at the beginning of how much information you're actually missing.

I've luckily passed that stage now. After I read the first book "52 great poker tips" by Lou Krieger I was convinced that I need to read more. That was just a scratch of the surface.

So my new book "Harrington On Hold 'em" arrived and I'm super excited. I think everyone more serious with poker has read that book. And I'm not surprised. I have only read the first paragraph and I'm so amazed about how information packed it is. Very easy to read, yet spot on examples and very well explained for a beginner player like me.


I also decided that I have to get more live game experiences, so I signed up for a 40 € tournament in the casino in couple of days. So my next report will be from there - will I survive or crash in my first casino tournament experience?

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