What Would Harrington Do?

Wednesday 3/5/14 time 10:53 PM - PokerHelena

Yesterday I played my first tournament for real money in casino. It was also the first game I played after I started reading Harrington's wisdom on poker. The first chapters provided so much good insight that I was sure I could use them immediately in practice.

At the beginning of the book Harrington mentioned 11 basic things that you need to consider when deciding if you should play a hand or not. I'm pretty good in following some of the things and taking them in consideration (e.g. the position, stack sizes, number of players at the table). However, I have had hard time profiling the players and adjusting my play based on that. The game at the casino was perfect to practice that - I didn't know any of the players beforehand and players in the table changed.

There were quite many loose/aggressive players in my table. Unfortunately all of them were to my left, so I felt I was in quite uncomfortable position and most certainly felt their presence. I remembered Harrington's advice "Against aggressive players play fewer hands more decisively". However, it didn't seem to work. Every time I had a good hand they never hit the table and aggressive players went out of their way to make me suffer.

It was a slow death on a poker table. After I lost with pretty good hands I was afraid to play any "just good" hands. The problem was that I never got any great hands. The only pair I got was deuces. The best hand I received was the last one I played in the game - AK off suit. I was pretty happy when an ace hit the table. Unfortunately my opponent had AA (see? Pair of aces don't always lose, as it has happened to be lately). I finished as 24th out of 58 players.

I was a bit disappointed, as I felt that I didn't play my best. However, I did learn a lot about player profiling and will definitely put the experience in use in the next game. Bring it on!

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