Three Threes Saved The Week

Friday 3/7/14 time 10:17 PM - PokerHelena

Besides my first casino tournament experience I also played in the usual weekly bar poker tournament this week. It has become a great routine and something that I look forward to every time.

In the bar tournaments players are in very different levels. It's easy to join the table as a beginner, but it's also a great place to try out new tricks and strategies as more advanced player. And of course it's a lot of fun to meet the people every week.


I remember that it took me months to be in the top three. These days I'm highly disappointed if I'm not in the top three. This week I played two games - first I was second and the second time I won the game.

The development has been quite good. So although I love the weekly bar tournaments I really need to get more challenging experiences next to that. I think casino will see me more often in near future!


Recently I wrote that aces are overrated. I have just lost with aces too many times lately. So I was especially thrilled to win with pair of threes this time. Three threes made the day!

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