The First Four Of A Kind

Monday 3/24/14 time 10:56 PM - PokerHelena

In the last game I got my first four of a kind experience. It's the best hand I have had so far!

The dealer gave me pair of tens. After several people raised and called before me I didn't feel as good about my pair of tens as I would have liked to. However, I decided to call. I was also happy to stay the last player to act.


I have to say that for a second I was slightly confused when I saw two 10 on the board. I just thought "oh, I thought I had a pair of tens. So what did I have?" and looked at my cards again. By the time I realized I have four tens in my hand first player went all in saying "I wonder who has the other 10". I was even more delighted when also another player went all in.

For once I didn't even have to do much to win a big pot. Sweet!

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