The Chip That Saved The Tournament

Wednesday 6/11/14 - PokerHelena

This week I played in the final game of the local bar poker tournament. The final ended the five month season of weekly games and tournament will go on break now until fall (what a hell am I going to do all summer?).

I have to say that I didn't play the best poker I could. There were couple of good pots that I won, but as the blinds increase super fast and every move can end your game my stack size changed a lot during the game.

The most amusing moment of the whole event was that I actually got to the final table from semi-final table with only 25 point chip in front of me. Blinds at that point were 400/800. I survived the last small blind when I still had 425 in chips left. K-10 was not hopeless, but I decided to skip it and was glad doing it after I saw a completely missed flop.

I had literally one 25 chip left on my table when I passed through from satellite to the main tournament

The final table went a bit better. Eventually I finished the game on 3rd place when my pocket JJ was not enough. I was not the only one who lost in the game with high pocket pair, as the 2nd place owner through his last chips in with AA and was pretty surprised when they didn't hold. Well, as I have said before I have never trusted aces anyways :)

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