Nervous Breakdown

Saturday 7/5/14 time 11:58 AM - PokerHelena

One of the key areas poker has developed me in is control of emotions. I'm quite emotional person, but I had no idea that emotions can have such physical influence on me until I sat at a poker table. In tough situation my hands started shaking and sweating, head started spinning and vision got blurred. And the worst things was that there was nothing I could do about it.

The only thing that has actually helped me is experience - playing as much as I can and getting into those tough points as often as possible. And it has worked not only for poker, but also in the rest of my life.

So I don't get all broken down anymore when I'm all in with aces and lose. However, I do get completely smashed when I have taken a step to a higher level game and get into tough situations there. 

It's important to get to next level poker tournament to reach the next level of emotional control

So recently I was a in a poker tournament, which is probably the biggest one I have been to so far. As much as I tried to keep my sanity and took time to feel comfortable at the table it just didn't work. I was not thinking rationally and my body started reacting again quite strongly in every tougher situation. I dropped out within the first couple of hours.

Although I was completely devastated after the (very short) tournament and kind of embarrassed leaving the table in such state I know it was a good experience. I needed that next level of game to get to next level of my emotional control.

It looks like for some people it comes naturally - they never look emotionally down even when they later tell you that they were having a nervous breakdown. I'm not one of them. And I guess you can say that I'm not natural in the game. However, also this is something that can be practiced and developed, as everything else in the game. So I'll just keep going.

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