Going Crazy With Small Pocket Pairs

Monday 7/14/14 time 7:05 PM - PokerHelena

I have played quite a lot online lately with increasing success, which is awesome. One thing astonishes me, however. I'm surprised how many players are willing to play their small pocket pairs until the end through bets, calls and reraises. I haven't found any reasonable explanation to it so far and, as I have uncovered such players quite frequently lately, this play can't be very profitable.

Just to bring an example, you have pocket fours in a full table in early position. I have seen a bold raise by the player and the raise was called. Flop comes with all higher cards than four. With few players in the pot, someone makes a decent bet, another player reraises it. I think at this point it's kind of obvious that someone flopped something. But the pocket four player just calls everything (perhaps waiting for a set in later streets? Pot odds didn't quite suggest that). He/she lost a lot. And plenty of this kind of examples piled up after that from other players.

Pocket pairs, no matter how small they are, seem like giant hands for some players. I haven't quite seen any proof for that. If anyone knows what I don't please let me know :)

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