Bankroll Management? What's that?

Wednesday 8/13/14 time 10:25 PM - PokerHelena

Although I have been playing online poker for a year now I haven't thought so much about bankroll management. That's until my brother (who has been playing poker since he was... ummm... 13?) checked my PokerStars account and told me to get to lower stakes in cash game.

Bankroll management sounds like a simple concept - play on the right level compared to the bankroll you have to make you don't go broke. However, I can understand all of the people who are frustrated because they play hours and hours on super low levels to build their bankroll.

At the same time it just proves that poker players are not reckless gamblers who simply throw their earnings to PokerStars account and think they will win a huge jackpot. It's calculated play, ensuring that you're safe with the bankroll and building it little by little. Sounds boring, but that will ensure the fun part later on.

Soooo... I did decrease the stakes and have been trying to build it up little by little. July was the first month online that was profitable, so I must be doing something right!

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