Monthly Report: Vacation Play

Tuesday 8/26/14 time 9:36 PM - PokerHelena

The summer vacation was very good for my poker progress. Not only I had more time to play I was also more relaxed when playing and had much better results.

July was the first month I was on positive side with my online bankroll. By the end of the month I had 6 times more money on my PokerStars account than I had at the beginning of the month. And it felt great!

However, the reality hit when the vacation ended and I went back to work. I have already lost most of it and now trying to figure out how to balance my play so that I can continue the success I had in July.

Another great thing that happened towards the end of my vacation was a tournament in Tallinn. It was 30€ rebuy tournament, so the entrance level was very low. The starting stacks were big and levels fairly long, so it gave some time to play without any rush.

I was doing pretty well, however didn't leave any cash in my pockets. I was 12th out of around 50 players. It's the best result so far, so I'm very happy. I'm even more happier about the game I played. After the nervousness during the first hour I calmed down and made some pretty good moves (at least I'd like to think like that :)).

Opponents at the table were very different, ranging from regulars to tourists, so it was interesting to observe the different player styles and practice my own table image. It was a lot of fun and I should definitely get back there!

So what's next? I want to continue playing live games as much as I can. There will be some interesting tournaments that I want to participate in during the fall, so I will not be bored. I'm aiming to get some cash from a tournament by the end of this year, so I still have some work to do.

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