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Sunday 9/7/14 time 12:31 AM - PokerHelena

During the past few weeks I have been participating in an online psychology course of social psychology. I had many reasons to participate in the course, but I definitely hoped to learn something I can use for poker.

Here are just couple of things I learned.

When people gable they often get illusion of control. You feel everything's under your control when things go well, even when things go in your way by pure chance. Poker players have to accept that chance has a part in the game. However, it harms you to believe that chance will always be on your side. It won't. And the easier it is for you to accept it the easier it is for you to estimate the risks of every move and recover from bad beats.

Many players, especially beginners, tend to give credit to themselves for the wins, but blame bad luck for their losses. So you can often hear "wow, you are having some good luck today" type of comments after you win a hand. Rarely people admit that their opponent played a hand well. As I heard this quite often it helps me not to take those "accusations" too seriously, but at the same time remind myself that sometimes I do get lucky as well.

Aggression increases aggression. Although people don't always want to admit it, when someone behaves aggressively towards them they get aggressive as well. In poker aggressiveness does not mean physical aggression. However, you can have an aggressive play and even have slightly aggressive table talk in controlled way at right times, which will hopefully make the opponent make mistakes.

Emotions and feelings can change quite a lot during one game, at least for me it's quite a rollercoaster at times. I've definitely learned to handle the emotions better during the past months, but now I have also learned couple of ways to emotionally challenge my opponents. Can't wait for the next live games!

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