I Look Vulnerable

Saturday 9/27/14 time 4:38 PM - PokerHelena

I went to play poker together with my brother for the first time in a casino. It was exciting experience, as he had not played in casino before due to his young age, although has been playing poker for years.

We played a weekly no limit tournament, which had around 50 participants. And by chance we were assigned to the same table. So we had the great opportunity to observe each other.

At the same time I have to say that it was annoying to play at the same table with him, as we have been talking about our strategies before and, although we didn't have any game agreement, some people at the table might not be happy with this kind of situation.

My brother played good aggressive poker at the beginning, but then lost his charm when his big bluff was paid. I played quite passively and poor poker, I have to admit. I don't know if it was because of my brother at the table or something else (excuses, excuses!), but I felt constantly distracted and couldn't get good chances with my bad run of cards, as the table was pretty aggressive.

So for the record, I dropped out first and he followed me only 10 minutes later. So we left with empty hands couple of hours into the game. It was probably my worst tournament result so far. But it's ok, because after the game we went to the casino bar and gave feedback to each other's game.

So according to my brother I looked somewhat vulnerable. Firstly, he has the stereotype of women being more vulnerable at poker table and it's doubled by my passive play in an aggressive table.

He has a good point. I'm not as aggressive as I should be. I should play more hands more decisively. There have been times when I have used that table image before pretty successfully when I have great cards in my hand. But you know, mostly you are not served with pair of aces, kings of queens. So have to think through my game plan for the next one!

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