Big Stack Meltdown Just Became A Reality

Friday 10/10/14 time 10:29 PM - PokerHelena

I played an online satellite game for a live tournament recently. For the first time I felt that everything was going as it was supposed to. I was focused, I followed the players, I used the position, took moderate risks that payed off and ran decently good. After the first 30 minutes I had 4-5 times of the average stack and it lasted for few more hours.

And then...

Apparently you only need one hand to screw up everything. So I became too confident and when I got A-K in my hand it really made me miserable. I hit the ace on the turn, but in my blindness didn't even think that my opponent could have hit something better already before the turn.

Looking at the play now it makes a lot of sense - all the signs were there that I should have been careful. But nope - I was just too bloody confident with my big stack.

From the 2nd position I dropped down to 15th. From 15th position I dropped out. It only took few minutes to ruin few hours of great play.

It was couple of days later when I noticed this article on PokerNews about how to play big stacks at the beginning and middle stage of a tournament. I wish I had read it already beforehand. Great reminder!

I guess it had to happen one day?

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