Martin Jacobson Is My New Poker Hero

Saturday 11/29/14 time 8:06 PM

After watching hours of World Series of Poker main event final table and witnessing Martin Jacobson to be the first Swedish to win the championship I'm just so happy for the poker world. Besides the fact that he won the tournament I think he's the perfect ambassador for the game and great role model for beginners like me.

Here are just few things that I really like about his approach to poker.


1. Preparation is the key

If you know that poker is mostly a game of skill then why wouldn't you develop that skill before you enter the world's most prestigious tournament final table?

Martin did just that - not only he played poker during the few months before the final table, he also simulated the exact final table, practiced different forms of play (e.g heads-up, which he felt was his weak side) and involved tens of poker players to get advice and coaching. He talks quite a lot about his preparation in this PokerNews podcast.

I super like his thorough preparation, giving himself the highest chances to be successul that was possible.

2. Persistence and patients take you far

I have personally felt difficult to come out from extreme low stack situations after I have lost big hands. I have even become to think that it is impossible. Martin just proved that you can do it and go from just few bing blind stacks to win the whole tournament.

I really admire his way to push it through, stay patient and being able to stay focused and persistent. I learned a lot from the way he did it and will surely use that inspiration next time I'm sitting with my short stack in a tournament.

3. Control over physical and mental health

Poker is a game that requires a lot of mental toughness and concentration. It's also well known fact that your physical condition influences your mental health a lot.

That's why I admire that Martin showed that he takes his physical and mental preparation seriously. Healthy food, yoga and meditation were part of his routines, which I think eventually had a big role in him making it until the end.

4. Concentrate on what you're good at

I have been slightly worried that I have been playing mostly texas no limit hold'em  tournaments. I have played cash games once in a while, but haven't like them as much (as I have stated pretty firmly already before). Also I have never played Omaha or any other form of poker.

What encouraged me is that Martin was called several times as "no limit hold'em tournaments specialist", as that's what he has been concentrating on and he doesn't play anything else. So you can concentrate on one game and become successful in it!

Additionally to those poker related approaches I also liked that he looked for a non poker related sponsor for the final table. That's exactly what I would have done. Poker world is interested also in other things than poker, so that was brilliant move.

So I'm really happen Martin Jacobson won the title and it definitely gave me a push to continue (although it hasn't been going too great lately). Well done Martin!

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