Championship vs Ten Million Dollars

Monday 12/8/14 time 12:06 PM - PokerHelena

When people asked Martin Jacobson after he won the WSOP main event championship how it feels to have won 10 million dollars or what he's going to do with the money, his answer was pretty much "I don't know, I haven't thought about it". He said that he cared more about the title itself than the money. People found it difficult to believe. I don't and here's why.

I think some people get too stuck in the money aspect of poker. Poker is a game, some call it a sport. You have to play it for the love of the game. If you ask any other champion, for example Usain Bolt, if they value the title or money that comes with it what do you expect them to say?

The same way as you don't expect Usain Bolt to think at the starting line "I have to get to the finish line first, so that I would get the prize money and sponorship deals" you shouldn't expect that a poker player goes to a tournament poker table with only prize money in his mind. He wants to play well. He wants to be the best. He wants to become the champion.


12/8/14 12:45 PM  Mike

Probably true, but if you would have to choose: to get just championship title or 10M$, which one would you choose?

12/8/14 1:36 PM  PokerHelena

I would take the championship of course. If your main goal in life is to make money (no matter in which way) then I guess you take the money. But if your goal is to be the best in what you do you value the championship more than the money. And as a bonus - if you're good enough to be the champion I'm sure the money will follow anyways.

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