From Progress To New Challenges

Friday 12/12/14 time 12:45 PM - PokerHelena

It's always great to notice that there has been significant progress in your play. That just happened last week when I played a weekly tournament in a local casino. It went all so well. I managed to gather three times of average stack during the first 45 minutes and used my big stack position to bully around. I felt like the poker queen of the day.

However, this led to the fact that I made it further in the tournament than I have ever made it before. And as I have never got that far before I have never also needed to face the new kind of challenges you get at the end of a tournament.

As the blinds increased quickly and the stacks became relatively small compared to the blinds I was not sure anymore what my strategy should be. Most of the players at the table, including me, had 13-17 big blinds, so not much to play with. It felt like all you needed was one wrong move and you were out of the game. The wrong move came quickly, so I left the table on the 17th position out of 59 players. Now I know what to work on.

Keywords: experience, strategy

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