2014 In Review: Excitement, Learning And Disappointments

Wednesday 1/28/15 time 5:22 PM - PokerHelena

Year 2014 was an extremely important poker year for me for many reasons.

1. I participated in first bigger live tournaments.

Whereas I was already used to playing in local home games, it’s a whole different things to go to a casino, pay much higher buy-in and hope there wouldn’t be any pros sitting at your table. And of course they did.

2. I learned which games I like and which ones I don’t.

I have already previously said that I’m more of a tournament type of person and in 2014 I confirmed that all over again. Also I learned that I like freezeout games.

3. Developed the virtue of patience.

I am a pretty competitive person which has been good in sports, so I have taken poker tournaments a bit like a marathon – long trip to a rewarding finish. However, marathons and poker tournaments have a huge difference. In marathon you still want to get to the finish line as fast as possible, whereas in poker the goal is not the speed, but being the last one left. Thinking about it, it feels very obvious, but sitting at a table I had to remind myself several times that I have time and I don’t have to make desperate moves.

Competitiveness is good, impatience not so much.

4. I learned it’s not easy to win.

I knew it, but I really felt it. In fact, I didn’t make it to money in any official tournament in 2014. Partly I blame myself for not playing enough to get the experience, as well as not improving my game enough to prepared for some situation I got myself into.

Partly I blame Finnish gambling laws. If there is only one place in the capital of the country where you are allowed to play poker for money then you can be sure that you can’t choose your opponents - all of them are there at one place from rookies to professionals. So the advice of “be aware to which table you sit at” or “choose the right kind of tournaments” hasn’t really helped me. The same players are in every damn tournament.

Considering how the year 2014 has been I will make two strategic improvements in 2015:

1. I will create a tournament calendar, ensuring that it will consist of smaller tournaments, as well couple of bigger ones. Also I will make sure that there are plenty of games outside of Finland.

2. I will get a “fan club” who will support me to go to tournaments, so I will have more pressure to improve and report my games.
More about the plans for 2015 coming up!

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