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Sunday 2/8/15 time 7:53 PM - PokerHelena

For the past couple of weeks I have been crafting the tournament plan for 2015. As I didn't manage to win anything last year I have put a lot of thought into what I should change in my approach. As a result I have come up with few things.


1. I choose tournaments that emphasize on my strenghts

I live in Helsinki and Helsinki Casino is the only place where you can play poker for money. Unfortunately the casino doesn't make it very easy for newcomers to succeed. The rake is high compared to the tournament buy-in, all the weekly tournaments are turbo and the tournaments are full of regular players (as it is the only place they can play).

So I decided that to succeed I have to play more abroad and online. That's why my tournament plan includes now tournaments like Olybet Kings of Tallinn in couple of weeks, Estonian Championship in April and regular poker tournaments in Tallinn casinos.

I haven't been very successful in turbo tournaments, so I make sure that I won't get into any of those. That's why I chose Ladies Event over Turbo Freezeout event at Kings of Tallinn (main event was not an option due to too high buy-in).

2. I go for tournaments that are on the right level for me

As much as I would like to go to WSOP main event I don't think this $10,000 will be very well invested. So I have chosen more carefully which tournaments I should go to by considering what kind of crowd it will attract.

My tournament calendar has some regular weekly games, as well as bigger annual games. However, I have ensure that all of them give me a challenge that I believe I can meet.

3. Proper preparation and reporting

As I select the tournaments beforehand I will have time to prepare for them in a better way. For example, I can play some smaller sit&go's that help me to develop some parts of the game I believe will help me in the bigger tournament.

I have also promised myself and friends to report all the games, which forces me to analyse what went well and what didn't go that well. Putting a conscious effort into every game differentiates it from "I'll just go and see what happens" approach.

The next tournaments that I want to participate are the Olybet Kings Of Tallinn in couple of weeks and Estonian Championship in April. In March and May I will concentrate on more regular games in both casinos and online.

What do you think about my approach? Let me know in case there are some games I should consider or make changes to my apprach to my tournament plan!


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