Next In Line: Olybet Kings Of Tallinn

Monday 2/9/15 time 8:46 PM - PokerHelena

I signed up for Olybet Kings Of Tallinn Ladies Event on 20.2.2015! I have never played in a ladies event before, so it's going to be interesting. At the same time I don't expect it to differ much from general games.


I have asked some of my friends about how women play differently. Their response was that generally women tend to be play more carefully and tighter. So it might be that more aggressive game might be better at ladies event. 

Why ladies event this time? As I go to Tallinn only for the weekend this was the only No Limit Hold'em event that can be played during one day, is not turbo and has right buy-in level for me. So I think I have given myself the best chances to succeed. Wish me good luck! ;)

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