Chill! There's A Lady At The Table!

Thursday 4/2/15 time 2:43 PM - PokerHelena

Recently I got a good laugh again at a poker table when one of my opponents realized that there is a woman playing against him. So guys, what's up with that?

I played in two tables during the same tournament.

At the first table my opponents were so convinced that as I am a woman I must be a very tight player. As they were commenting my possible holdings out loud after the situation was over they were convinced that I had the best possible hand. Well... I didn't. And at that situation it was great, because my semi-bluff worked awesomely!

At another table  another guy kept raising me over big time when I was on blinds. That was until I reraised him all-in. He looked at me like I was the most horrible person in the world and then started cursing about how women want equal rights and how my behavior doesn't support that. He was convinced that I was too aggressive for a woman.

Oh well, again that was my win.

Guys, give us a break. There is a lady at the table. Your testosterone level is understandable, but it's just a game ;)

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