Olybet Kings Of Tallinn: Didn't Become The Queen And Had To Fold The Kings

Thursday 2/26/15 time 10:17 PM - PokerHelena

Last weekend I visited Tallinn to attend Olybet Kings of Tallinn poker festival. I only participated in the Ladies Event, but it was great to meet the local ladies and get a small part of the tournament vibe.


Before going there I had never played in a Ladies Event before. Therefore I didn't quite know what to expect. I somehow thought that there would be many women from different levels - those who have been playing regularly, but also beginners who haven't played much yet.

Apparently I was quite wrong, as the players were all experienced players who often played together. There were only 15 participants and the atmosphere was more like local ladies gathering on a Friday evening than a serious poker tournament. It was pretty relaxed, although got more serious towards the end when the prize was more reachable.


The starting stack was 7000 and there were 20 minute levels. 20 minutes is quite a turbo tournament and I definitely would have liked to have the levels a bit longer. The blinds increased very fast and when antes kicked in it became quite a push/fold luck game. So I dropped out when put all in with A-x and unfortunately ran into A-Q of another player.

The pain of folding pair of kings

There was also one very awesome hand where I was forced to fold K-K. It was awesome, because I don't think I would have been able to fold pair of kings before and it also paid off.

So I had K-K and raised around three times big blind from beginning of the round. I got two callers. The flop was x-7-8 (x was 3 or 4). I was the first to go, so I bet around half the pot, which was 400. The second player reraised to 1000. The third player reraised all in (few thousands).

If I read this case from a poker book I would know what it said, but it is so bloody difficult to think straight at a poker tournament table. Sometimes you go through the whole tournament without getting a single pair in your hand. So how can you fold this pair of kings?

So all those thoughts went through my head. What does she have? Why did they call before flow, but reraise it now? How have they raised before and what kind of cards they have shown? Eventually I was pretty sure she had 8-8 and a set. It was bloody difficult, but I folded the hand.

The second player called the all in. She had pair of sevens and the all in reraiser had a pair of eights. You would think that the drama ended there, but no. Seven fell on the river and the 2nd player won with four sevens!


The winner of the Ladies Event was Kelly Limonova. The main event brought in more than hundred players from Estonia, Finland, the Baltics and other countries. The King of Tallinn was Ranno Sootla.

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Next In Line: Olybet Kings Of Tallinn

Monday 2/9/15 time 8:46 PM - PokerHelena

I signed up for Olybet Kings Of Tallinn Ladies Event on 20.2.2015! I have never played in a ladies event before, so it's going to be interesting. At the same time I don't expect it to differ much from general games.


I have asked some of my friends about how women play differently. Their response was that generally women tend to be play more carefully and tighter. So it might be that more aggressive game might be better at ladies event. 

Why ladies event this time? As I go to Tallinn only for the weekend this was the only No Limit Hold'em event that can be played during one day, is not turbo and has right buy-in level for me. So I think I have given myself the best chances to succeed. Wish me good luck! ;)

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